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Monday, 29 August 2016

Stitchy Giveaway - It's yours Charlotte!

I'm so glad to give this to Charlotte - we've been friends since Sew Weekly in 2012 when I first attempted online sewing and started this blog as a result.  Charlotte also suggested the first ever Sew Weekly meet up in London.  We've met up since for fabric shopping and she also guest posted for me in a Virtual Meet Up a couple of years ago when she modelled this lovely cord jacket she made.  We are still in touch on Facebook - thanks for sticking around Charlotte!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Stitchy Giveaway

To celebrate my return to sewing I thought I'd have a giveaway on the blog as it's something I've not done for some time.  I'm also amazed to learn that I'm nearing 100,000 hits - amazed because I started out as a sewing blog and veered off in other directions over the past couple of years or so. 

So, I have this 'fox in a scarf' pincushion and a Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Apron for the lucky winner.  The fox is ironic in that one of my most popular posts is of me in a fox scarf, albeit a knitted one.  The apron is quite snazzy - it's in a half apron style with pockets in the front to store scissors etc while you're sewing.  I think the GBSB series has actually inspired me to start sewing again.

So if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning, just tell me what's the longest time you've ever gone without sewing?  Please leave me a comment and I'll pick an answer at random in about a fortnight.  I'll also need a contact email.  Good luck!  

Sunday, 24 July 2016

New Dress!

I am actually sewing ... yes, you did read that correctly!  It isn't that I haven't been thinking about it ... oh, I've read all the blogs and magazines, have all the pattern giveaways and have watched the latest series of Sewing Bee.  I even took part in an international pattern swap at The Monthly Stitch.  I think that having a break has done me good though - seriously.  When I did Sew Weekly in 2012, although the experience was enjoyable to start with, I did start to feel a bit jaded towards the end of that year and 50 makes.  I was starting to 'throw things together'.  My sewing started to decrease gradually in the following years until I stopped completely for a while and concentrated my energies on other things.  I now find I am taking my time, making sure I do things properly and it's becoming fun again!  

As we are experiencing the rarity of a heatwave here in the UK at the moment, I've found that my wardrobe is lacking in some summer basics - dresses for work and home.  Actually, the dress currently on my sewing table is one for my honeymoon in October, though it might have an outing or two before then if it turns out OK.  I am using the 'Sew Over It' 1940's Tea Dress pattern that I received in the swap during Indie Pattern month at Monthly Stitch.

I found the cherry print fabric at Croft Mill.  I've always wanted some 'proper' cherry fabric after seeing all the retro dresses on various blogs and when I saw this in the current catalogue (they still have it! - sadly no longer, all sold out since end July) I ordered some straight away.  As you can see, I don't sew solo any more ... I have my little 'helper'.  Although Oscar has a whole house to wander around, there is nowhere quite like the area where I am working ...


I think I may have been influenced in my choice of dress style by a 1940's day I went to here in Norfolk about a week or so ago.  A gloriously sunny day where individuals wandered around King's Lynn in 1940's dress - I took loads of photos.

They all looked so smart and such a contrast to current day dress.  I hope to achieve something similar ... I have a whole week off work at home next week and sewing is high on my list of priorities.  More dresses I think!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

New Designers 2016

Amongst the wedding preparations, I did find time to go to this show last Friday.  I've been meaning to see what it's all about for the past few years now and finally I had the chance.  It's held every year at the end of June in The Business Design Centre, Islington and has been going for 30 years now.

The main angle is for the various UK (and one from Sweden I noticed ...) Art Schools to bring their final textile shows to London.  There is a lot to see and take in.  However, it is possible to identify various strands and themes running through the work.  I noticed some designs reminding me very much of Memphis from the 80's.  Most of the work though seemed to take its influences from Natural History and Botanical Prints.  Insects, butterflies and moths were a recurring theme throughout the show.  I was also surprised at how much hand painted work there was, in that there is a noticeable shift at the moment to digital printing.  There was even a demonstration of digital fabric printing:

The students were very eager to chat and talk and I enjoyed finding out more behind the work I was seeing.  They all had their own business cards and some had printed flyers and booklets.  Now the show is over, it's possible to look at their websites and find out more.  I don't want to post close-up photographs of their work here for copyright reasons.

These are some of my favourite business cards to give you a flavour of what was there:

Make It In Design also had a stand at the show and I was able to meet and talk to the ladies who organise everything, as well as take away a goodie bag.  It gave me inspiration to finish the last two exercises I have to do from my course, Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.

I've signed up for the Summer School which begins in August.  I have a week off work then so should be able to make a fair job of it.  Looking forward to then!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wedding Plans ...

I've been busy making 'Save The Date' cards.  They reflect my love of textiles, in that I've used a silver grey crochet trim and velvet ribbon as a simple decoration on a white ground.  The invites themselves will be similar in design but will also incorporate a satin rose.  More to come ...

Monday, 23 May 2016

I Win Again ...

This really is proof that it pays to complete those fill in forms at the back of magazines for the giveaways.  I'm delighted to have a copy of this book from Sewing World.  I was hoping that out of all the prizes on offer, this would be the one I won - and I did!

As you can see, I have trouble taking a decent photo these days ....

Boutique Bags is a collection of 19 projects from which 76 bags can be made.  It's written by best selling pattern maker Sue Kim and published by Stash Books.  I like the Violet Bag and this will be the first one I tackle.  I'm thinking that a bag will be a nice, small project to get back into sewing again.

I've also entered the pattern swap over at The Monthly Stitch and am looking forward to seeing what my swap partner will choose for me - I'd forgotten how exciting things like international pattern swaps can be!  This is for indie pattern month in June ...

Monday, 25 April 2016

Project Progress

Well, I've finished the first side of my patchwork project bag.  I work at it while I'm watching television - I have a bag full of scraps at the side of me and attach a patch here and there ...  I'm enjoying the process and the way it's turning out.  There are about 50 patches in this piece - on to the second side now ...